Russia Releases Action Video S-400 Shoot 8 High-Maneuver Missiles

Russian missile S-400
Russian missile S-400
MOSCOW, - Russia's Ministry of Defense Zvezda television station released an action video of the S-400 missile defense system which underwent field tests in Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan Region, southern Russia. The system fired eight missile targets with high maneuverability.

Moscow's sophisticated anti-aircraft defense weapons have become a "hot commodity", which India and Turkey dare to ignore the threat of sanctions the United States (US) to get it.

The video released showed the crew deploying the S-400 defense system to the location and quickly preparing for operations. The weapon quickly identifies low-flying targets, then fires missiles at them. Citing Russia Today's report, Tuesday (10/22/2019), it only took five minutes for the system to be ready for war.

The S-400 has been operating for the Russian military since 2007, with 16 regiments now deployed throughout Russia as well as at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria.
Russian missile S-400
Other countries have been eager to pay billions of dollars to obtain S-400 to protect their airspace. Delivery of the missile system to Turkey began earlier this year, with Ankara signaling they were prepared to sacrifice their participation in the US F-35 stealth jet fighter program for an agreement made with Russia.

New Delhi also faces the threat of American sanctions when negotiating S-400 purchases with Moscow. This system is expected to be introduced in the Indian armed forces next year.

The S-400 Triumph is a sophisticated air and missile defense system, which is very effective at hitting targets from distances of up to 400 kilometers. Its main advantage is the ability to track a large number of targets, including stealth aircraft. At the same time, the system has high mobility capabilities and modular nature, which allows it to quickly adapt to new challenges.