American Military University Edge Is Coming Soon

AMU Edge Is Coming Soon
AMU Edge Is Coming Soon
Militarymedia.net - American Military University is proud to announce the upcoming AMU Edge launch - coming in early December 2020!

The new online publication will replace In Military, In Public Safety, In Homeland Security, EDM Digest, InCyberDefense and In Space News by combining them into a comprehensive one-stop site. While the name changes, you'll soon have access to the same in-depth articles, podcasts, and video content - all at your fingertips.

With an intuitive, fresh design optimized for mobile displays - AMU Edge delivers original insights and content from top experts to mission-critical professionals serving our country's military, public safety, intelligence, homeland security, EDM, outer space and the world community virtual.

What can you look forward to:
  • Access content that's more shareable and easier to find
  • More intuitive layout and better reader experience
  • More original content with expert insights

In 2021, we will explore the ability to provide content that is more personalized to readers' interests. Nothing is required to access AMU Edge. In early December, you will be automatically redirected from this site to AMU Edge when it goes live. Make sure to bookmark your browser and visit often.

As a loyal reader, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of this innovative upgrade to best-in-class AMU publications that have provided industry professionals with relevant, career-focused content for over a decade.

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