List of the Strongest Military Powers in the World

List of the Strongest Military Powers in the World
List of the Strongest Military Powers in the World
Militarymedia.net - The military budget of countries around the world reaches 1.7 trillion US dollars. This is the largest expenditure since the end of the Cold War. There are many reasons for a country's military spending to increase.
But generally because of the need to defend oneself against possible aggression from other countries. If the bigger the military of a country, the less threat it will get.
So the slogan Si vis Pacem Para Bellum, which means Who Want Peace, Be Prepared For War, will always be in the military of a country.

The following is a list of the strongest military forces in the world.

5. France

Rafale fighter aircraft
Rafale fighter aircraft
The elements of the French Armed Forces comprise the French Army, Air Force, Navy, DHS, SEA and DGA with three services (medical, support and administration and weapons systems provider).

Having 387,635 active military personnel, 296 combat aircraft, 406 armored vehicles and 118 warships makes France respected.

Its defense budget reaches US $ 35 billion (Rp 490 trillion).

4. India

Indian fighter aircraft
Indian fighter aircraft
Even though many of its people live on the poverty line, in fact India has one of the strongest militaries in the world.

With a budget of US $ 51 billion (Rp. 714 trillion) India can operate 676 combat aircraft, 4,426 armored vehicles and 295 warships (3 of them aircraft carriers).

The military personnel are also quite large, namely 4,207,250 people.

3. China

Chinese fighter aircraft
Chinese fighter aircraft
This Asian dragon is undeniably experiencing rapid development on all sides, especially its military.

In order to take the hegemony of the Asia Pacific region from America, China budgeted US $ 161.7 billion (Rp.2,263.8 trillion) to build 1,271 combat aircraft, 6,457 tanks and 714 warships (2 aircraft carriers) with 3,712 active military personnel. 500 people.

2. Russia

russian fighting vehicle
russian fighting vehicle
It is not impossible, the Russian Iron Curtain country will soon be overtaken by its former student, China in terms of military technology.
Even so, Russia still deserves to be in second place thanks to its military budget which reaches US $ 44.6 billion (Rp.6244 trillion).
Among other countries, Russia has the strongest Army Army in the world with 20,216 armored vehicles plus 3,371,027 military personnel.
However, in terms of warships and combat aircraft, Russia is still inferior to China.
In total Russia has 352 warships (1 aircraft carrier) and 806 combat aircraft.

1. United States (US)

united states combat vehicle
United States fighter aircraft
The country with the strongest military and the world's largest debtor that can make heart sickness, the United States has always been the number one question about the military.

With a budget of US $ 587.8 billion (Rp 8,229.2 trillion) the US can carry out any military project they want.

Just look at 2,296 combat aircraft, 5,884 armored vehicles and 415 warships (19 aircraft carriers), making the US have a strong hegemony in all corners of the world.

Even former US president Barack Obama once boasted that if the US military was serious, North Korea could be attacked and captured in just 2 weeks.

Remember, all US military equipment is very up to date with the latest developments in military technology.

Supported by sophisticated military equipment, 2,363,675 military personnel.

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