The Singapore Infantry Has Anyar Combat Helmet And New Personal Equipment

Combat Helmet And New Singapore Personal Equipment
Combat Helmet And New Singapore Personal Equipment

Militarymedia.net - The Singapore Ministry of Defense, recently announced the adoption of new personal equipment to increase the effectiveness of training activities and operational duties of army infantry personnel. As well as an emphasis on effectiveness, the new gear consisting of a helmet and vest is also designed to be more comfortable, so it can be used for a longer time.

The Center of Excellence for Soldier Performance (CESP) has been conducting research and development since 2016 based on anthropomorphic data (measurements of the human body) from all Singapore Armed Forces personnel.

And five years of research resulted in the release of a new combat helmet and Load-Bearing System (LBS) - a payload bearing system that provides a better fit and weight distribution and can be configured for a variety of missions.

The Singapore infantry combat helmet is of a higher cut design that allows soldiers to easily attach night vision goggles and headsets for communication. This helmet is said to be 10 percent lighter than the previous version of the helmet. Not only that, this combat helmet is also equipped with an adjustable bearing system for a more comfortable fit.

Meanwhile, LBS is designed as a replacement for the Load-Bearing Vest (iLBV) which infantry units have been using. The LBS is made of durable and lightweight material, it provides better comfort for soldiers by increasing heat dissipation by up to 30 percent.

The LBS is equipped with detachable components so soldiers can carry what they need for their mission or training. There are two variants launched, namely LBS (Enhanced) and LBS (Standard).

Soldiers from combat formations such as Commandos, Guards and Infantry, who carry out missions with high physical activity, will then use the LBS (Enhanced) variant, which consists of Vest components, Body Armor Carriers and belts.

Meanwhile, the LBS (Standard) variant is designed for soldiers from the Combat Support unit, where the components consist of a vest and an LBS (Standard) belt.

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