Russia to Build Poseidon Base In 2022

torpedo Poseidon
Poseidon Russia

Militarymedia.net - Poseidon nuclear torpedoes or drones are planned to be built by Russia in the middle of this year (2021), along with the scheduled launch of its nuclear submarine, the K-32 Belgorod (Project 09852). And as the launch schedule nears, there are rumours that Russia is planning to build a Poseidon base in the summer of 2022.

Reported information from the Russian Federal News Agency, said that the construction of a base on the coast is intended to provide maintenance and storage. So far there is no information as to where the beach base will be built.

Poseidon is one of Russia's six newest strategic weapons. Officially no one calls Poseidon a torpedo, but since these powerful weapons and nuclear warheads are only launched from submarines, it becomes publicly referred to as a nuclear torpedo.

Although it looks futuristic, the Pentagon said Poseidon was first tested by Russia on November 27, 2016. The Pentagon said the Poseidon test was conducted from the Sarov submarine (special purpose submarine) in the Arctic Ocean, near the Arctic region. A year earlier, western intelligence had sniffed out the nuclear torpedo program known as part of a secret multi-purpose system called "Status-6" or Canon in the NATO code.

Although Poseidon's details are still shrouded in a fog of mystery, some literacy manages to describe what is also referred to as this robotic mini submarine shaped torpedo, with a nuclear-powered kitchen, poseidon can accelerate up to 100 knots (185 km per hour) and can hit targets up to a distance of 10,000 km.

Poseidon's dive depth cannot be confused with that of a standard torpedo, as the torpedo's maximum depth can reach 1,000 meters. Military analysts say Poseidon will dive at depths of 50-100 meters to take advantage of stealth features at low speeds. Low depth in stealth mode is preferred because sound waves move to the ocean floor and reduce detection radius.

Poseidon has reached 24 meters with a diameter of 1.6 - 2 meters. With its large dimensions, poseidon looks like a mini submarine.

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