Plasan Stinger - Buggy Tactical Vehicle With Unmanned Control Feature

Plasan Stinger
Plasan Stinger
Militarymedia.net - Buggy-model tactical vehicles have long been known as a flagship vehicle for elite units, have a compact design with high mobility, making almost every elite unit has a buggy tactical vehicle. And speaking of buggy tactical vehicles, Israel is known as one of its pioneers, and at idex 2021, the Israeli company released the so-called Plasan Stinger.

The Plasan Stinger is a 6.8-ton vehicle based on a standard HMMWV chassis, configured with STANAG 4560 Vol1 Level 4 standard meeting capsules, a level of protection rarely applied to buggy-type tactical vehicles. The 4-× 4 vehicle is designed to perform extreme maneuvers on off-road and highway terrain, including on narrow urban roads.

Plasan Stinger has accommodation for three personnel, with a driver's seat in the center. This tactical vehicle can be configured with two remotely controlled weapon stations, a main tower equipped with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun or a 30 mm canon controlled with rcws.

Then there is still a submachine gun that is also controlled with a remote control placed in the front position, allowing the crew to see and shoot across minimal angles. It can also be fitted with several missile launchers that add unprecedented firepower to this class of vehicles.

Another uniqueness of the Plasan Stinger is the autonomous control feature, where the tactical vehicle is equipped with an electronic control unit that controls an electric steering wheel, gears, and pedal actuators that can be activated with a single button, configuring the Stinger into an unmanned tactical vehicle.

With the ability to move autonomously, it is possible for the crew to perform their duties from a safe distance while the vehicle moves forward and fires shots to face the hiding enemy. A group of Stingers will move to the front row of the army; the crew will disembark and use some individual radio controls provided for each personnel.

The concept of Light Combat Vehicle has been developed by Plasan for several years. The design was refined under cooperation with IGG, which handles the specific requirements of potential customers in the Middle East region. Because the vehicle is shipped as a kit, the Stinger can be produced in large or small quantities using the existing HMMWV, transforming obsolete tactical vehicles into smart and powerful light armored combat systems.

In IDEX 2021, Plasan Stinger was exhibited by the International Golden Group (IGG), part of the Tawazoon Group. After the exhibition, Stinger will begin a roadshow to demonstrate the unique capabilities of these unmanned combat vehicles (optional) to some potential customers in the Middle East and Africa region.

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