Al Wahash IFV - 8 × 8 Armored Ranpur With BMP-3 Cannon Dome

Al Wahash IFV with BMP-3 Cannon
Al Wahash IFV with BMP-3 Cannon

Militarymedia.net - Compared to the rich countries in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is quite keen on developing its defense equipment industry, even though there is a lot of money, it seems that the UAE does not want to continue to be a consumer country. In the armored ranpur segment, the UAE has released an 8 × 8 prototype Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) which is labeled Al Wahash (Wild Falcon).

Wahash was designed by the defense company from the UAE, Calidus, in collaboration with ADG Mobility. Wahash's first appearance was at IDEX 2019, and the most recent was at IDEX 2021. Although originally the APC (Armored Personnel Carriers) platform, Wahash 8 × 8 has been offered in several dome models. One of the highlights is that this Ranpur was designed to use the dome belonging to the Ranpur BMP-3. For the record, the UAE is one of the operators of the BMP-3 amphibious ranpur.

The weapon construction in the BMP-3 dome model is an amalgamation of one component (single-turret): a 100 mm (low velocity) 2A70 rocket gun / launcher, a 30 mm caliber 2A72 automatic canon and a 7.62 mm submachine gun.

With this combination, it allows the tank crew to choose the model for the use of available weapons in relation to the situation, conditions and battlefield, depending on the target chosen to destroy targets on land, sea and air.

Uniquely, Calidus also tested a cannon with a larger caliber to be installed on the Wahash 8 × 8. For example, there is a variant that uses a John Cockerill 105 mm turret, making this Ranpur fit into the category of medium weight armored fighting vehicles. Apart from cooperating with Russia in the adoption of the BMP-3 dome at Wahash 8 × 8, apparently the developer also invited Ukroboronprom (Ukraine) to participate in installing the BM-3M Shturm canon dome at Ranpur Wahash.

In terms of design, the Al Wahash 8 × 8 design is integrated with a modern digital Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA). Manned by two personnel, this amphibious Ranpur can carry eight fully armed troops.

The Wahash kitchen runs a 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 724 hp. While the automatic transmission carries 7 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. Ranpur with a payload of 10.8 tons and a full weight of 32 tons can be carried at speeds up to 130 km per hour and can roam up to 750 km.

Wahash 8 × 8 has ballistic protection up to Level 4 STANG 4569, meaning that this desert champion armored vehicle is able to withstand projectile attacks from heavy machine guns of 14.5 mm AP (Armor-piercing) caliber. For protection from the effects of mine explosions, Wahash adopts protection up to Level 4B, which is able to withstand the explosion effect of 10 kg of TNT under the center of the vehicle and wheels.

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