Israeli Navy, Install Two 'Mysterious' Devices On Missile Fast Ship

Mysterious Device On Israeli Navy Missile Ship.
Mysterious Device On Israeli Navy Missile Ship.

Militarymedia.net - The Israeli Navy appears to be conducting a series of experiments on weapons systems on its warships. Having previously reportedly installed an Iron Dome Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) hanud system on the deck of the INS Lahav (Sa'ar 5 Class) corvette, now circulating photos showing the installation of a new type of device on the INS Kidon Missile Fast Ship (KCR) (Sa'ar 4.5 Class). 

Two photos uploaded by @TajoTakoya Twitter account about Kidon's INS do not definitively explain the two devices installed. However, originally the position of the first device located at the bow, it was actually a stand for the 20 mm calibre PHALANX CIWS (Close In Weapon System) canon. While the position of the second device, namely at the center of the hull, was originally a series of 16 missile launchers hanud Barak 1.

For the record, israel-built INS Kidon Shipyards Ltd does have an enviable arsenal of weaponry for the KCR class. In addition to the CIWS Phalanx canon and the Barak 1 hanud missile, the original package of the 488-ton speedboat was also equipped with 8 RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missile launchers. That's not all, at the end of the stern, INS Kidon is also equipped with OTO Melara gun caliber 76 mm.
Mysterious Device On Israeli Navy Missile Ship
Well, about the two types of new devices mentioned at the beginning, so far it is still a guess, where the phalanx position is likely replaced by a laser device anti-drone / missile attack. While the second device yanga in the hull, is suspected to be a container loitering munition (drone kamikaze). However, that is still speculation, given Israel's recent growing anxiety over a potential cruise/ballistic missile attack from Iran.

At a glance, INS Kidon, a fast ship that began operation by the Israeli Navy in 1997, is powered by 4 units of MTU 16V 396 TB91 diesel engines. The ship, which is 61.7 metres long and 7.62 metres wide, can travel up to 34 knots. With an economical speed of 19 knots, the ship can travel up to 8,900 km.

Complementing frigate-class weaponry, ins Kidon is equipped with advanced sensor devices, let's say there is Elta EL/M-2218S air search radar and Elta EL/M-2221 fire-control radar. The ship is manned by 53 personnel.

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