Israel Operates Latest Advanced Spy Plane

Israel operates a new spy plane
Oron intelligence spy plane

Militarymedia.net - Israel operates a new spy plane, Oron. The Israeli Air Force (AU) received the aircraft built from the private jet.

Israel's Defense Ministry in a statement quoted by Xinhua, Monday (5/4/2021), revealed that Oron's presence would increase the military reconnaissance capabilities of the Jewish state like never before.

Oron arrived at Nevatim Air Base after being developed for more than 9 years by the Ministry of Defense, Air Force, Navy, Directorate of Intelligence and Aerospace Industry of Israel.

This aircraft is based on the Gulfstream G550 aircraft produced by the American aerospace company General Dynamics.

Inside is installed a sophisticated radar system and data processing algorithms based on cutting-edge data science and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

The system enables the military to obtain the intelligence data it needs in real time like never before, in any weather or visibility, when deployed for routine operations or conflict.

Air Force Commander Amikam Norkin said Oron would make his ranks superior operationally and intelligently in the face of security threats and challenges.

Meanwhile, the head of the Israeli Defense Ministry's research and development unit, Yaniv Rotem, said the radars and other systems on the aircraft could transmit data in real time to intelligence units. Artificial intelligence technology will enable automatic and efficient data processing.

"This will generate actionable real time intelligence data that strengthens the effectiveness of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) 's operational activities," he said.

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