Shaanxi Y-9 | Tactical transport aircraft

Shaanxi Y-9
Shaanxi Y-9

Militarymedia.net | In 2001 development of a new tactical transport aircraft began in China. It was designed as a replacement for the Y-8 transport fleet (a Soviet copy of the An-12). China is seeking to build a tactical transport aircraft comparable to the US C-130J Super Hercules. Eventually the Y-8 was stretched, upgraded and upgraded to make the Y-9. Ukraine's Antonov Design Bureau consulted with Chinese developers about redesigning the wings and fuselage. The new aircraft have a greater payload and range. The Y-9 made its first flight in 2010. The transport aircraft entered service with the Chinese air force in 2012. The Y-9, as well as its variants, was produced in significant numbers by the Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation. A single Y-9 has been exported to Myanmar.

The Y-9 has a similar layout to the previous Y-8. However, it lacked a tail turret with two 23 mm guns, which were present on some early Y-8 variants.

The Y-9 can carry 25,000 kg of cargo. Though reportedly this plane will also take over the cargo with a payload of 30,000 kg. This transport plane can carry 106 passengers, 132 parachutists or 72 stretchers. Or it can carry two ZLC 2000 aerial combat vehicles, which can be fielded. The Y-9 can carry a variety of other military vehicles, including light trucks, cargo containers or pallets. The cargo space has an internal volume of 155 m³. It is equipped with cargo handling rollers and fastening rings. The rear cargo door functions as a ramp.

The Y-9 featured an upgraded engine and modern avionics. There is an electro-optical tower with Forward-looking Infrared (FLIR) and TV sensors, mounted under the fuselage. It is used for operation at night and in adverse weather conditions.

The aircraft is powered by four WJ-6 series turboporps, each rated at 5 100 shp. Some sources report that Ukraine supplied the engines for these transport aircraft. It could be the Ukrainian Ivchenko-Progress AI-20D engine. Each engine is equipped with a 6 blade propeller.

The aircraft can operate from short, unprepared runways.

Shaanxi Y-9
Shaanxi Y-9

The transport aircraft is operated by a crew of 4, including 2 pilots, flight engineer and loadmaster.

Shaanxi Y-9 Variant

Y-9E is the export version. One aircraft has been exported to Myanmar.

The Y-9JB is an electronic warfare and surveillance aircraft, with 4 large fairings and an additional antenna.

The Y-9G is an electronic warfare variant.

The Y-9XZ is reportedly a psychological warfare variant.

The KQ-200 is a maritime patrol aircraft, designed to detect and attack submarines and warships.

The KJ-500 is an airborne early warning aircraft with a fixed radome. It was first revealed to the public in 2015. It could be a replacement for the older KJ-200 early warning aircraft, based on the Y-8.

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