The World's Largest Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald R Ford Launches in Norwegian Waters

USS Gerald R Ford
The World's Largest Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald R Ford

Militarymedia.net | The World's Largest Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald R Ford Sails for Oslo, a Demonstration of Strength in the Midst of Tensions with Russia.

The world's largest aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R Ford, entered Oslo waters on Wednesday (24/5/2023). This is the first trip of such a ship from the United States (US) to demonstrate the strength of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance in the context of increasing tensions with Russia due to the war in Ukraine.

The USS Gerald R Ford and her crew will carry out joint exercises with the Norwegian armed forces along the country's coast in the coming days. "This visit is an important signal of the close bilateral relationship between the US and Norway and demonstrates the credibility of defense and collective deterrence," said Jonny Karlsen, spokesman for Joint Headquarters Norway's military operational command center.

In one of Oslo's fjords, tens of thousands of people of all ages flock to the beach to watch the carrier go by. They enthusiastically took pictures and videos to capture this unusual moment.

Meanwhile, Norwegian media reported that the carrier would sail north towards the Arctic Circle. However, Karlsen declined to comment on the report.

The Russian embassy in Norway condemned the aircraft carrier's visit to Oslo. "There is no doubt that the northern (Arctic) region does not need a military solution or outside intervention," said a statement posted by the embassy on Facebook.

"Given that it was recognized in Oslo that Russia was not posing a direct military threat to Norway, this kind of demonstration of force seems both absurd and dangerous," the statement added.

Norway, as a member of NATO, shares a border with Russia in the Arctic and is Europe's largest gas supplier after a reduction in gas supplies from Russia. The military of Norway and its NATO allies have been conducting patrols around offshore oil and gas installations since the fall, following the Nord Stream pipeline explosion in the Baltic Sea.

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