Facts J-20, Chinese Stealth Fighter Jet F-35 rival

J-20 vs F-35

Chengdu J-20 - The Chinese military now has fighter jets that could become rivals to the United States. China's military fighter jet, Chengdu J-20, will focus on the Taiwan Strait and military activities between Japan and the United States. Chinese military forces, the People's Liberation Army Air Force make the J-20 a mainstay aircraft.

Please note, China and the United States are currently competing in the field of defense equipment sales. For jet fighters, the United States relies on the F-35 Lightning. Whereas China relies on Chengdu J-20.

Then how about the sophistication of the Chinese military's Chengdu J-20? The following explanation:

  • China's flagship stealth fighter jet

Chengdu J-20 is a mainstay stealth fighter jet in China. This fighter jet first aired in 2011. The Chengdu J-20 jet has stealth features, such as a sharp and sharp frame and uses sophisticated materials to minimize radar detection.

"The stealth fighter jet will enhance China's comprehensive aviation combat capability and make it more capable of protecting security, sovereignty and territorial integrity," Xinhua quoted PLA spokesman Shen Jinke as saying.

Chengdu J-20

  • Use the Modification Engine

According to an aviation expert quoted by the South China Morning Post media, the J-20 uses WS-10 B modified engines from old production fighter jets, such as J-10 and J-11. Thus, the power of the J-20 engine is predicted to be not so strong and it will be difficult to match the cruise capability and speed of the US F-22 Raptor.

In addition, the WS-10 B engine left traces of combustion in the air when driven at high speed, which would reduce the intent of the stealth features of the J-20 aircraft.

On the other hand, WS-15 B, the latest engine and the latest version of WS-10B, is not optimal for installation on the latest generation of fighter jets like the J-20.

  • Speed ​​More than 2,470 KM / Hour

Chengdu J-20 has a high speed reaching more than Mach 2 or around 2,470 kilometers per hour, with altitudes up to 20 kilometers and a combat radius reaching 1,100 kilometers.

J-20 is also capable of carrying up to air-to-air missiles and capable of carrying long-range missiles and control bombs.
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