UH-60V Black Hawk Digital Cockpit Version Tested, Cooler and Modern

UH-60V Black Hawk Cockpit Digitization

United States, - The United States Army (US Army - US Army) is trying to try a UH-60V Black Hawk digital cockpit version.

If the test is successful, then the old UH-60L helicopter that still uses an analog cockpit will be upgraded to an approved digital version approved by the modern version of the UH-60M.

The process of modernizing the US Army's Black Hawk fleet was carried out as a saving effort by buying a new helmet.

Various trials were carried out, including 18 times sling load trials. Activities carried out to see the cockpit display when carrying external loads while flying.

A static load test is also carried out to determine the readiness of the units carrying out the mission during the day or night operation.

When blessed by the US Army on Thursday (9/26), digital cockpit testing using three UH-60V Black Hawk helicopters was carried out by the US Army Operational Test Command.
UH-60V Black Hawk Cockpit Digitization
The unit, which was approved on October 1, 1969, was the command of an independent operational examiner. In this unit, US Army examiners will ask for an appropriate system for use by the US Army.

The US Army Operational Test Command is made in accordance with the mandate of the community which requires that all systems to be used by the US Army are requested before being issued officially in US Army units.

The Directorate of Testing for US Army Operations is based in West Fort Hood, Texas.

As for the Black Hawk helicopter, the Heli made by Sikorsky Aircraft (now joined by Lockheed Martin) began flying on October 17, 1974 and began use in 1979.

Black Hawk is a successful helicopter on the market. The various heli variants have increased by 4,000 units and are used in more than 30 countries.
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