Turkey Will Own Homemade Helicopter Carriers Next Year

Turkey - The Turkish Navy will have its own helicopter aircraft carrier next year. The aircraft carrier, named TCG Anadolu (L-408), will become the largest battleship made in Turkey's domestic industry.

Head of the Presidency of the Turkish Defense Industry (SSB) Ismail Demir said it was as reported by Defense World.

"Our Navy will have the largest domestic warship next year," he explained.

TCG Anadolu (Anatolia), created by the Sedef Shipyard consortium in Istanbul with the Spanish ship company, Navantia. This consortium won the LPD / LHD (Landing Platform Dock / Landing Helicopter Dock) ship tender for the Turkish Navy in 2015.

L-408 has the same size as a multi-role amphibious aircraft carrier made by Spanish SPS Juan Carlos I (L-61).

The ship, with a length of 232 meters and a dead weight of 27,000 tons, can roam a distance of up to 9,000 miles (14,500 km) without repackaging.

Various cargo can be carried by this ship. Starting from helicopters, aircraft (F-35B), amphibious combat vehicles, personnel transport vehicles, drones, and others.

For the battle management system, L-408 uses GENESIS-ADVENT made by Aselsan and Havelsan. As for the precision landing radar guidance, SPN-720 made by Leonardo.
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