Su-57 interest? Russia Offers Production of Stealth Jet Components in the Buyer Country

UAE - Russia is giving an open bid to Su-57 (NATO: Felon) enthusiasts to produce these stealth jet components locally in the purchaser's country. The requirement, of course, must first buy this fifth generation fighter aircraft.

Rostec CEO Sergei Chemezov said during the 2019 Dubai Airshow event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

TASS reported, Russia has provided the opportunity to manufacture certain components of the Su-57 export version in the buyer's country. Chemezov highlighted India and the United Arab Emirates.

"Su-57 -India, and most likely is the United Arab Emirates. They have considered and discussed this for a long time. Although until now there has been no decision, "Chemezov said answering reporters' questions.

"Making components locally (has been offered)," he said.

Chemezov also underlined, the purchaser countries that can make Su-57E components are those who have the ability to produce it. In a sense, the aerospace industry in the buyer's country has made it possible to do so