Putin Admits to Make Sophisticated Missiles Unmatched in the World

Russian Advanced Missile
Russian Advanced Missile
MOSCOW - President Vladimir Vladimorvich Putin finally admitted that Russia is developing the most sophisticated and unmatched missile in the world.

Mr Putin's confession was presented at a ceremony in the Kremlin on Thursday to commemorate the nuclear incident at the Nyonoska test site in the White Sea on August 8. In the blast incident five employees of the Russian nuclear company, Rosatom, were killed.

The explosion caused a brief radiation spike in the nearby city of Severodvinsk. Russian authorities remain silent about what happened and why scientists conducted such experiments.

However, Western security experts speculate that atomic scientists have conducted experiments for a new nuclear-powered Russian cruise missile, known as Buravestnik or known as the Skyfall missile.

During the ceremony where Putin handed the "Orders of Courage" award to the widows of atomic scientists, the Kremlin leader confirmed for the first time that Russia was indeed working on developing a new weapons system.

Putin told the widows that their husbands had sacrificed lives to ensure Russian security and sovereignty. "They are doing a very difficult, important and critical task," Putin said.

"We talk about the most sophisticated and up-to-date technical ideas and solutions, unmatched anywhere in the world," he said. "A decent weapon to guarantee the sovereignty, security of Russia over the coming decades."

President Putin added that Russia's ownership of such technology is the most important and reliable guarantee of peace in the world. "And, whatever happens, we will definitely continue to increase this weaponry," he said.

Three injured weapons testers are reported to have recovered. Five Russian atomic scientists killed in the incident include Vyasheslav Yanovsky, 71, Vyacheslav Lipshev, 40, Evgeny Korotaev, 50, Alexey Vyushin, 43, and Sergey Pichugin, 45.
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