The second Tu-22M3M long-range bomber aircraft premiered

MilitaryMedia.net - Moscow - The second Tu-22M3M long-range bomber is reported to have carried out its inaugural flight from the aircraft industry facility in Kazan. After carrying out the flight, the plane then landed again in the same place.

Tupolev (part of Rostec) said flights were carried out to test takeoff and landing parameters.
In addition, the flight control system and information technology were also tested in the flight.
As the Airspace Review quoted from TASS news agency on Friday (20/3), the aircraft will then undergo other tests in the near future.

Meanwhile, the first Tu-22M3M test aircraft was aired on December 28, 2018.
A source from the defense industry said, until October last year the first Tu-22M3M aircraft had carried out flights 18 times.

The Tu-22M3M is an upgraded aircraft from the old Tu-22M3 version. This aircraft can carry anti-cruise cruise missiles Kh-32 (X-32) and Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.
The Russian Ministry of Defense has previously planned to upgrade 30 Tu-22M3 to Tu-22M3M. It is known, Russia still operates approximately 60 Tu-22M3.

This modernization program also simultaneously increases the age of aircraft use to reach 45 years.
The Tu-22M3 prototype (NATO: Backfire-C) flew in 1977 and began to be used by the Soviet Air Force in 1989.
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