History of the United states Military Academy Founded

united states military academy
West Point was a Revolutionary era stronghold to withstand British attacks.
Military Media.net - The United States Military Academy is the first military school in the United States. The Academy was founded by Congress to educate and train youth in military theory and practice.

Located in West Point, New York, the United States Military Academy is often known as West Point. Situated on New York's west bank of the Hudson River, West Point was the site of a Revolution-era fortress built to protect the Hudson River Valley from British attack.
united states military academy
In 1780, the commander of the fort, General Benedict Arnold, agreed to hand over West Point to England in exchange for £ 6,000. However, the agreement was exposed before falling into British hands. Arnold fled to England for protection.
Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold
Ten years after the founding of the United States Military Academy in 1802, the threat of another war continues with Great Britain. This resulted in congressional action to expand academy facilities and upgrade the West Point corps.

Beginning in 1817, the United States Military Academy was reorganized by supervisor Sylvanus Thayer. He became known as the "father of West Point". The Academy is also one of the nation's best sources of civil engineering. During the Mexican-American War, West Point graduates filled the highest ranks of US troops.
United states Military Academy West Point, New York
In 1870, the first African-American cadet corps was admitted to the United States Military Academy. In 1976, the first female cadet corps began to be accepted. Today the Academy is under the general direction and supervision of the US Army department and has more than 4,000 students.