BAZ-6909 is a baseline model in the whole family of military vehicles


Militarymedia.net - The BAZ-6909 special wheel chassis was developed and manufactured by the Bryansk Motor Vehicle Factory. This is a specially designed high mobility military vehicle. This is the basic model of the Voschina family military truck. This family includes 6x6 and 8x8 high mobility trucks, prime mover, artillery tractors, with a payload capacity of 13-21 tonnes. There is a high degree of similarity between these trucks. The development of the Voschina family is funded by the Russian Ministry of Defense. BAZ-6909 has been adopted by the Russian armed forces.

The BAZ-6909 has a conventional design. It is designed to carry special military equipment, such as weapons, missiles, shelters, and radars. This vehicle has a payload capacity of 18,000 to 20,000 kg.

The BAZ-6909 has good cross-country mobility. It can operate on all types of roads, over rugged terrain and in remote areas.

The vehicle is equipped with an armored cabin for three people. The cab can be armored. There is also a version of this vehicle with an extended cabin.

Initially the truck was powered by a turbocharged YaMZ-8424.10 diesel engine, producing 470 hp. Some sources claim that later, a more powerful YaMZ-849 diesel was used. It develops 500 hp. The engine is located behind the cab. This makes it possible to reduce the height of the vehicle and prevent the engine and cooling system from damage and mud clogging. The vehicle is equipped with a central tire inflation system. This military vehicle has an operational climate range from -50 ° C to + 45 ° C. It can be flown by transport aircraft An-22, An-124 or Il-76.



  • BAZ-6402 6x6 tractor truck.
  • BAZ-69092 6x6 special wheeled chassis.
  • BAZ-6306 8x8 artillery tractor.
  • BAZ-6403 8x8 tractor truck.
  • BAZ-6910 8x8 shelter carrier.
  • REM-KS, 8x8 repair and recovery vehicle.

BAZ-69069 10x10 special wheel chassis. It is used as a carrier-launched carrier for Russia's new Abakan anti-ballistic missile system. It is also planned to be used for the new S-500 long-range air defense and anti-ballistic missile systems.

BAZ-69099 12x12 special wheeled chassis, designed to carry ballistic missiles and possibly other heavy loads. This vehicle has a payload capacity of 36 t.

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