Russia upgrades Admiral Vinogradov to guided missile frigate

Admiral Vinogradov
Admiral Vinogradov

Militarymedia.net - Russia will upgrade the large anti-submarine warship Admiral Vinogradov to a guided missile frigate.

The upgrade of the Project 1155 warship was to boost its strike capability with the Kalibr-NK cruise missile such as the same type of warship Marshal Shaposhnikov.

"Repair and upgrading of Admiral Vinogradov's anti-submarine warship is expected to start in 2021 and the warship will rejoin the Pacific Fleet in 2024-2025," said the source.

Apart from Marshal Shaposhnikov and Admiral Vinogradov, five other warships of the same type currently joining Russia's Pacific Fleet will also undergo an upgrade.

The guided missile frigate upgraded by Marshal Shaposhnikov will rejoin Russia's Pacific Fleet in late 2021 after passing multiple trials.

Marshal Shaposhnikov tested the Uran anti-ship cruise missile for the first time in late December 2020. There have been no reports of another missile launch by this frigate.

With this upgrade, Marshal Shaposhnikov transformed into a multipurpose frigate capable of engaging land, sea and underwater targets.

Marshal Shaposhnikov gets the latest Kalibr-NK and Uran attack missile systems and the most advanced artillery arsenal. Its firepower has increased by several times.

The warship currently carries two multipurpose cross-ship launchers for the 16 Kalibr-NK and Oniks cruise missiles, and finally for the Tsirkon hypersonic weapon.

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