For the first time, the UK will build warships with other countries' designs

British warship

United Kingdom, - Britain chose the Danish design to equip the Navy with a frigate fleet when making a deal with Babcock International.

The deal, announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on September 12, gave Britain a second shipbuilder and ended the BAE Systems monopoly on building surface warships in the country.

The bid won by Babcock will create a Danish Navy-owned Iver Huitfeldt frigate which has been modified to meet the needs of the British Navy.

This ship will be the first frigate or destroyer not the British design used by the British Navy in decades.

Babcock's announcement as the contractor of choice was expected to occur at the DSEI defense exhibition in London, but was hijacked by Johnson who wanted to discuss the work and revival of the British shipbuilding industry when the government led the possibility of elections against the background of Britain's exit from the European Union.

British Navy senior officers expressed excitement at the prospect of getting a warship which was considered very good.

Danish Navy ships look special when judged by the British Navy Sea Training Flag Officer organization in recent years.

Completion of contract discussions between the Ministry of Defense and Babcock is targeted by the end of the year.

Some industry members think Babcock will have difficulty meeting established deadlines, especially on a budget.

Symbolic steel cutting will begin in 2021, with the first ship scheduled to be launched in 2023 and the last ship delivered at the end of 2028. Prices for these five vessels are set at 1.54 billion US dollars.

Ship parts are expected to be built by several shipbuilders throughout the UK and integrated at the Roscath Babcocks facility, which has been home to the 65,000-ton British aircraft carrier assembly program over the past few years.
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