The missile that became a scourge of the West was tested by the Russian military

missile Kh-35

MOSCOW - The Moscow military is testing a Khon 35 subsonic cruise missile from a Uran missile system installed on a ship belonging to Russia's Pacific Fleet. The weapon tested in the Sea of ​​Japan is a scourge for Western military ships.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported by the TASS News Agency, said the cruise missiles were fired at sea targets. "The Kh-35 cruise missile managed to reach a floating surface target at a distance of more than 50 kilometers. About 10 warships and additional ships, as well as aircraft from the Pacific Fleet fleet, were involved in the tests," the ministry said without specifying weapons test dates. the.

Previously, the Smerch small missile ship fired missiles from the latest universal 76-mm AK-176MA automatic cannon and the artillery system AK-630 anti-aircraft system of small caliber 30-mm.

Previously, the repair and modernization of the Smerch small missile ship took place at the JSC North Eastern Repair Center in Kamchatka as well as the Dalzavod ship repair center in Vladivostok. During that time period, Smerch was rearmed with the Uran anti-cruise missile system, which replaced the Malakhit missile system.

This weapons test follows the statement of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu who said Moscow did not need aircraft carriers like those of the United States (US). "We don't need aircraft carriers, we need weapons to sink it," he said.
Kh-35 anti-ship cruise missiles
Tensions between the West and Russia have been at the forefront since US President Donald Trump withdrew the US from a nuclear agreement known as the Mid-Term Nuclear Forces Agreement (INF). Tensions are also heating up in the Middle East as it was revealed on Thursday that Russia will expand the Khmeimim airbase in Syria.

Moscow is expanding its military capabilities in Syria and rebuilding a second landing pad to enable the facility to serve more aircraft. Shoigu said the Russian military was in Syria to defend its people.

"The US is spending a lot of money on private military contractors, on aircraft carriers. Now, does Russia really need five to ten aircraft carrier attacks, considering we have no intention of attacking anyone ?," he said.
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