First time, Italy Deploys 6 F-35A for Air Patrol in the Iceland Region

Italy F-35
Italy, Italy became the first country to deploy six F-35A Lightning II stealth fighter jets to carry out air patrols in the Iceland region.

The 'Lightning' flock will be stationed at Keflavik Air Base, Iceland for three weeks to support the mission of operations carried out by NATO.

NATO in its statement stated, the F-35 Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare / AM or Italian Air Force / ItAF) reached the full operational phase in November 2018.

AM, continued NATO, has proven the capability of multi-role performance and the flexibility of this fifth generation jet fighter.

Italy in the initial planning will buy 90 F-35 consisting of 60 F-35A and 30 F-35B. But that number seems to be reduced.
Italy F-35
This year, ItAF has received at least 11 F-35s, consisting of 10 F-35A and one F-35B. As many as 25 pilots have been trained to become F-35 fighter pilots.

Four ItAF F-35As were used for pilot training at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, United States for the training of the pilots.

While other units are operated at Amendola Air Base, the southern part of the State of Pizza.
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