These are 4 Russian-owned bombers most feared today

Tupolev Tu-160
tupolev tu-160m2
United States (US) magazine 'The National Interest' mentions 4 Russian bombers most dangerous at this time.

The four planes are Tu-95, Tu-22M, Tu-160 and PAK DA.
An article published at the weekend showed that the reason behind the strength of four Russian aircraft was an increase in precision guided missile systems and ammunition.

Quoted from the page Sputnik News, Monday (10/07/2019), the author of the article titled '4 Russian Bombs Most Dangerous to Fly', Caleb Larson expressed his opinion.
Tupolev PAK DA
Tupolev PAK DA
He said, despite the fact that much of Russia's military hardware was inherited from the USSR, some of the bombers in their armory continued to have tremendous power as they continued to be upgraded.

Speaking of the Tu-95, Larson highlighted the durability of the aircraft and its ability to carry large amounts of cargo.
As for the Tu-22M, Larson praised the bomber's ability to carry large payloads while still being able to maintain its high speed.
Tupolev Tu-95
Tupolev Tu-95
Tu-160, according to him is a true 'beast' that will remain relevant for years to come thanks to the system that is constantly being upgraded and upgraded.

Meanwhile the 4th aircraft mentioned in this article is the PAK DA which continues to be developed and will be the most deadly Russian stealth bomber of the next generation.
Tupolev Tu-22M
Tupolev Tu-22M
The PAK DA is designed to replace the three bombers currently in service for Russian long-range aircraft, including the Tu-22M3, Tu-95 and the Tu-160 strategic bomber alias White Swan.