Turkey invites Malaysia to join the HÜRJET training jet production project

the HÜRJET training jet
Turkey, - Turkey has invited Malaysia to join in the production of the HÜRJET (Hurjet) light jet trainer and light attack aircraft. Kuala Lumpur can contribute in terms of technology and make aircraft components.

The CEO of Turkish Aerospace Temel Kotil said that as quoted by Anadolu Agency and The Nation reported.

"We need to find international partners. This is a big project, not only for Turkey, "Kotil said.

For this reason, his party has offered Malaysia and hopes to get a good response.
the HÜRJET training jet
Kotil added, a number of countries are important partners of Turkey. Among these are Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

The jet train train and the HÜRJET light attack.
It is said that Turkey and Malaysia can develop together the production of composite materials.

To note, said Kotil, Malaysia has a large composite factory but does not have an aircraft industry.
the HÜRJET training jet
Kotil added, Turkey could share unmanned aircraft technology (UAV) with Malaysia. For example Anka and Aksungur drones.
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