2S43 Malva, SPH latest tire wheel made in Russia

2S43 Malva made in Russia

Moscow, - MilitaryMedia.Net Not wanting to be left behind by the world trend that is launching the SPH (self-propeller howitzer) wheeled tire, the Russian defense industry launched the truck-based 2S43 Malva in mid-July 2020.

Compared to the wheeled version of the chain, SPH wheeled tire has a lighter weight and more agile maneuverability.
This combat vehicle does not need a transport truck so that it can be driven quickly to the destination point.

Malva was developed by the Burevestnik Central Research Institute, a division of Uralvagonzavod which is now part of the state company Rostec.

As the Airspace Review learned from Army Recognition, the Malva vehicle is based on an 8X8 BAZ-6010-027 military truck chassis manufactured by the Bryansk Car Factory.

As for the main weaponry carrying the 152 mm caliber howitzer.
Like other modern SPHs, Malva also adopted a semi-automatic munition loading system with a firing rate of 8 rounds per minute.
Malva is designed to be able to destroy command posts, communication centers, tank bases and armored vehicles, bunkers and army barracks, fuel depots, air defense system sites, aircraft hangars, and runways.

Malva's presence is said to be able to replace the role of the SPH's old-wheeled SPH of the Russian Army, namely 2S19 Msta 152 mm and 2S1 Gvozdika 122 mm.
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