Turkish military vehicle manufacturer, Otokar, signed a deal with the African nation

Otokar's Arma 8x8
Otokar's Arma 8x8
Militarymedia.net - Turkish defense firm and auto maker Otokar have signed a new export agreement worth $ 110 million for the sale of military vehicles to an undisclosed African country.

The company notified its Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) on Tuesday about the deal.

A statement stated that the agreement covers the Arma 8x8s and Cobra II 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles, as well as parts and training services.

The defense manufacturer said it was the first Arma 8x8 order from an African country, which has not been disclosed.

Despite the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Otokar continues to increase exports of armored vehicles, which are designed in-house and which are said to stand out for their high level of protection and superior mobility.

General Manager Otokar Serdar Görgüç, whose views were included in the company statement, said that armored vehicles are preferred in the international arena, showcasing the capabilities of the country's defense industry worldwide as well as the efforts of Turkish engineers and workers.

While the deal comes from a country where the company has previously exported, this "means that customers happy with the vehicle included in its inventory, go with Otokar again," said Görgüç.

The company said deliveries will begin in 2021 and will be completed by the end of 2022. The contract will take effect once the guarantee letter is completed, advance payments are received and the necessary export permits are obtained.

Otokar's Arma 8x8
Otokar's Arma 8x8
Otokar's Arma 8x8 is the newest member of the vehicle development program which originally started in 2007.The vehicle was launched at the International Defense Industry Exhibition (IDEF) held in Istanbul in May 2011. This new generation modular multi-wheeled armored vehicle is said to have superior tactical and technical features and is a multipurpose platform that allows the integration of a wide range of mission equipment and weapon systems.

Thanks to its flexible design, the Arma 8x8 can be adapted for a variety of missions in the field, including as a personnel carrier, command or reconnaissance vehicle, infantry fighting vehicle, maintenance and recovery vehicle, mobile weapons carrier, radar vehicle or CBRN (chemical, biological reconnaissance vehicle, radiology and nuclear).

A subsidiary of leading Turkish conglomerate Koç Holding, Otokar vehicles currently offers services to more than 50 customers in more than 35 countries.

The company has subsidiaries and joint ventures in France, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Romania and recently in November 2019, announced a new branch, Otokar Central Asia, in Kazakhstan.

Local commercial and military vehicle manufacturers have more than 30 years of experience in engineering and design in the military hardware field. It supplies NATO and the United Nations while retaining many intellectual property rights to its products.

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